Honeybee connects the world of innovation.

Creating life-changing innovations is a step-wise journey that takes teamwork. Honeybee empowers you to be in charge of contributing to ground-breaking research.

90% of the global population is under-represented in research, but you don't have to be. From academic research projects to clinical trials, you play an integral role in providing decision-makers the necessary insights to make the next revolutionary discovery.

Honeybee's mission is to bring people from all walks of life to participate in research studies, so we can encourage greater diversity and inclusion in research. Together, let's work towards a happier, healthier and safer community where everyone's input matters.

How it all began


Catherine Chan (MSc) and Weiwei Li (MASc) graduated from their respective graduate programs in the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Engineering at the University of Toronto, respectively.

Catherine faces recruitment challenges first-hand through her work experience in industry, academia, hospitals and government research projects.

Weiwei experiences the inefficiencies in clinical processes while working in industry.


Catherine and Weiwei create and launch Honeybee in Toronto, Canada. They continue to iterate and improve the platform with feedback from the Honeybee community.


Honeybee has facilitated over 1000 participant - researcher connections, allowing individuals all over the GTA to play an integral part of in advancing research. Honeybee is growing and the team is excited to expand into more cities around the world!

Join Honeybee's Community

Honeybee is growing! Get looped in on the development of products, services and regulations that touch millions of people, including yourself! Let's revolutionize research together.

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