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Researchers outline the key eligibility criteria of their studies on each of their study listings under the “Eligibility Criteria” section. Please take care to read the criteria and ensuring you qualify before requesting to join a study, otherwise instead of helping research you’re slowing it down. After requesting to join a study, researchers may conduct an additional screening with you to capture more information before accepting you to a study.

That’s a big question! In short, it’s just like work or school – do your homework and be punctual. Before, requesting to join a study, read all the study details to ensure that you qualify and can participate. Once you’ve requested to join a study, please be responsive to the researcher and make sure you’re on time for your appointments. Unfortunately, if you’re not responsive and timely, you’ll actually giving researchers more work than they already have

Honeybee researchers are usually on top of it and respond within 24 to 48 hours. If a researcher is not responding, they could just be really busy with their research! Please send us a message at [email protected] and we will help you get in touch.

Participant online identity and confidentiality is our highest priority. Why? So third party sites don’t collect sensitive information linked to your name or email. To adhere to the highest level of research ethics, Honeybee’s communication system is completely anonymous for study participants – nobody can see participant aliases either.

We don’t recommend participants sharing personal contact information (names, emails, phone numbers) with researchers. If you choose to disclose personal and sensitive information by communicating through third-party platforms where emails are often linked to names and other personal information, please be aware of the risks and privacy policies outlined on the respective platforms. Honeybee is not liable for any activities taking place outside of our platform.

Honeybee currently does not handle digital participant remuneration. So researchers use their existing methods of payments. This might include, but not limited to: cash, gift card, in-kind rewards and cheque.

Honeybee confirms that the research studies posted in our marketplace are genuine and conducted by a researcher from reputable companies or institutions. If you notice anything peculiar, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via [email protected]

After you complete your study, your study data is aggregated with other study participants and analyzed. Researchers then write a report, journal publication or thesis paper to summarize the results. These results are used to support the development of products, services and regulations that affect millions of people. Your results will never be shown individually, and your name will always remain confidential and never used in reports. Some researchers will enable you to have access to your individual study data prior to public reports and papers. If you want your own data, please kindly ask researchers if this is something they can provide – please be respectful of their time when asking for them to aggregate your information for you.

If you begin a study, you are not obligated to complete it. It is your right to drop out at anytime. While this is your right, be mindful of researcher's time and consider your impact on research when dropping out. Researchers spend a lot of time, money and care upfront and behind the scenes to enroll each individual into a study.


No, we currently do not have a mobile app for researchers. We built the mobile app for participants so they can communicate with you on-the-go. Please let us know at [email protected] if a Honeybee mobile app is something you'd like to see.

In the Honeybee Researcher's 'Hub', click the 'question mark' icon on the Left Navigation Bar to access guidance information on all the tools and features you can access in the 'Hub'.

From user feedback and testing, we found that the photo and title are the most important in driving higher clicks and views. Remember, majority of our userbase is on mobile view or the mobile app, so keeping information short, concise and beautiful is ideal. Here are some best practices: 1) post an attractive image (with no text!) 2) use a descriptive and concise title. 3) Utilize the study listing sections properly by posting the correct content in each field. Duplicated information that appears in different sections is annoying for users, especially on their mobile phones!

To keep participants interested, please respond within 24 to 48 hours. If a request has been left hanging for more than 4 days, our system will automatically hide your study. Help us encourage more people to participation studies, nobody should be ignored for their intent to participate!

Researchers skip the trouble of having to provide email consent, or having to anonymize participants because we take care of this. On Honeybee, researchers can assign participant ID’s directly in the chat to match with the pre-existing identification systems that are already used in your research facility. In the long run, helping participants feel safe encourages more research participation, so you can complete your studies faster.

Honeybee built its technology closely with researchers and research ethics board members. We are building a trusted research community. And part of that means making people feel safe joining studies. Please refrain from asking participants from disclosing personal contact information (names, emails, phone numbers). There is a growing public concern for controlling personal data. Participants should be able to privately inquire and enroll in studies online with full confidentiality without any connections/linkage to third-party platforms – let’s help more people feel safe joining research studies. Researchers get faster research ethics approval and bypass the need for email consent because Honeybee is already anonymous and encrypted.

Honeybee has one-sided anonymity for participants to protect online identity and maintain privacy when enrolling in research studies. Our platform is HIPAA compliant and designed to handle sensitive health information.

No, we currently do not handle the informed consent process on Honeybee. The onus is on the researchers to make sure participants are informed when participating in your study. But you may send encrypted attachments containing forms or other important documents through Honeybee's chat. A participant's experience in your study could make or break their research participation experience - please help to ensure they have a positive experience!

Please let us know if you have any other questions at [email protected]

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