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Honeybee re-imagines how people-driven research is conducted. Simplify your processes and improve research outcomes - so the world can benefit from your discoveries quicker.
headshot of Trenton Johanis, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto

Without Honeybee, my research projects would not be progressing at their current rate… [E]specially when a study, like mine requires a certain demographic… [I’m] incredibly thankful to have across a service that is convenient to use as a researcher and as a participant. Honeybee absolutely contributed to the success of my PhD research.

Trenton Johanis, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto

Participant Recruitment

Recruit from diverse participants to optimize your outcomes and fill your quota up to 5X faster.

Global Reach

Recruit from participants across Canada, US and the UK or restrict to local research to specific regions.

Data Diversity

Connect with participants from all walks of life and diversify your data for better outcomes.

Weekly Marketplace Shuffle

Save time from reposting your study periodically. The marketplace shuffles weekly to give all unsponsored studies equal opportunity at the top.

Participant Referral

Increase engagement to your study with digital referrals built for research. Choose when users get paid out in a controlled process handled by our ethics-compliant referral system

Data Security and Privacy

No more issues going through research ethics applications with an entirely private and secure platform designed for research.

HIPAA Compliance

Keep participant conversations and personal information safe with an entirely HIPAA-compliant web and mobile app.

Encrypted Communication

Chat safely with end-to-end encrypted communication for all messages and attachments that adheres to AES-256 standards.

Participant Anonymity

No extra work to randomize and anonymize participants. Participants enroll with an alias and you assign custom ID codes as needed.

Participant Management & Communication

Streamline your research process by managing and talking to your participants all in one place

Real-Time Chat

No more digging through emails. Let your participants talk to you whenever and wherever they are through safe and secure messaging.

Scheduled Reminders

Increase participants' adherence to research protocols with custom automated messages and reminders for appointment-based or longitudinal studies.

Mobile App for Participants

Enhance participant communication, and ultimately retention, with our participant mobile app so you can send push notifications and reminders straight to their phones.

Digital Remuneration

Automatically compensate participants securely. No more cheques, currency conversion and spreadsheets, just choose between gift cards or cash, let us know when they finished the study, and we'll do the rest.


Integrate with your email, survey platforms, and your favourite management software to make it easy to share and connect with ease.

Email Integration

Flexible communication that goes where you go. With email webhooks, your conversations can integrate seamlessly with your email inbox.

Widget Integration

Increase recruitment rates for your study with a custom enrollment button on your website that takes site visitors straight to your Honeybee study listing.

Invite Codes

Send Honeybee invite codes to your existing, non-Honeybee participants so you can access and manage all your participants in one place.


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Grow With Us

Join our rapidly growing community built by researchers with researchers for researchers. Become an early adopters and we'll take your feedback to influence our development.

Share Your Research with the World

Never let your research go unnoticed. Share your research with the world and with the curious participants that joined your study right in our blog.

Live Support

Get help from real humans and a team of researchers, not robots. We manually check every study to help you maximize your reach and adherance to ethics.

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