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Take charge in shaping a happier and healthier community by taking part in research studies. Learn how you can help researchers find novel discoveries.

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What is Honeybee?

Honeybee enables you to learn about your health and wellness while participating in research studies


Earn Rewards

Contribute to advancing science and technology while earning cash and rewards

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Discover Yourself

Learn about your health and wellness by participating in research studies


Give Back

Become a part of the research that promotes change and moves science forward

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How It Works

Step One

Browse & join local and remote research studies.

Step Two

Review studies & request to participate

Step Three

Chat with researchers anonymously

Step Four

Earn cash and in-kind rewards for helping us all

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We deliver real value to our participants 

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I enjoy participating in studies because I get to be a part of the newest, trending research topics from the inside. I can also make money from it. Instead of digging through bulletin boards, now I can just browse Honeybee on my phone and filter for studies near me.

Birinder Lobana

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