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Over 500 research teams have trusted Honeybee to connect with thousands of participants each month.

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We’re a rapidly growing platform that modernizes health research and clinical trial workflows to help researchers recruit at the volume and velocity.

Find eligible & engaged participants

Our matching algorithms and participant network helps bring qualifying & engaged candidates to your study faster.

Tools to engage participants

Reduce attrition with modern digital tools, like our mobile app, real-time chat, custom push notifications and sleek designs to keep participants engaged for in clinic and decentralized trials.

Security, ethics & privacy

Our platform is HIPAA compliant and messaging system is encrypted to protect participant information.

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Expanding Your Recruitment Reach

We funnel in participants from our growing network to bring you more leads and qualifying candidates.

Opted-in Participants

Expand your reach through our growing participant database of people who have opted-in to participate in research.

Vetted Health Partners

Access qualifying candidates from our health partners for a larger sample size more targetted reach, and diverse & inclusive datasets.

Tracked Digital Referrals

Optimize reach with our ethics-friendly referral system built for health research. We track referral leads and digitize compensation so you don’t lift a finger.

Better Engagement

Increase retention and protocol adherance with a mobile app for participants, real-time chat, and scheduled notifications.

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headshot of Trenton Johanis, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto

Without Honeybee, my research projects would not be progressing at their current rate… [E]specially when a study, like mine requires a certain demographic… [I’m] incredibly thankful to have across a service that is convenient to use as a researcher and as a participant. Honeybee absolutely contributed to the success of my PhD research.

Trenton Johanis, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto

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