Evaluation of a storytelling app for South Asian immigrant families

University of Toronto, Technologies for Ageing Gracefully (TAGlab)

This research is conducted by TAGlab at the University of Toronto. We are investigating how a storytelling app can help immigrant grandparents and grandchildren share culture and memory. We need your help to use the app and provide feedback. The session will be audio recorded, and screen recorded (no faces).

Your Impact

Feedback from families will help us improve on the design of our app so we can better support immigrant families in preserving their stories and culture.

Eligibility Criteria

All genders

All Ages

Grandchild must be between 7-13 years of age

Grandparent must have immigrated to Canada and have Pakistani or Indian heritage

Grandparent and grandchild must be present in the same location for the study session

Study Tasks

Tell a story
Create artwork to go with the story
Answer some questions about their immigration experiences
Use a web-based app and provide feedback


Approved by the University of Toronto Research Ethics Board, #00038027


older adult

Activity and Time


Online, Observational Study

Weekdays, Weeknights, Weekends

1.5 hours total, 1 session

Grandchild and Grandparent must be present in the same location for the study Family must have a laptop or desktop computer Session will be conducted through Zoom



Grandparent receives $30 Grandchild receives $15 Parent received $10 (Parent does not take part in the study) Compensation will be e-transfered to the family at the end of the session

Study Address

This study doesn't require any in-person visits. Complete it in the comfort of your own home!

Posting date: Nov 15, 2020

Earn $55