The risk factors of suicidal thoughts and self-harm in students

American University, Department of Psychology

The following University of Manchester student MSc Forensic Psychology and Mental Health project aims to investigate the risk factors associated with self-harm, suicidal thoughts and attempted suicides. Students do not need to have experienced suicidal thoughts or self-harmed to participate. All current university students aged 18+ can participate in this study and the responses will be anonymous. The survey should take approximately 30-minutes to complete. Participants who complete the survey will be entered into a prize draw for a £50 amazon voucher.

Your Impact

help to understand the risk factors of self-harm/suicidal thoughts in students

Eligibility Criteria

All genders

At least 18 years old


DO NOT need to have experienced self-harm/suicidal thoughts

ANY students

Study Tasks

online survey


This project has been approved by the University of Manchester’s Research Ethics Committee, Division of Psychology and Mental Health (Divisional Review) Ref: 2020-9114-13615


suicidal thoughts

Activity and Time

Psychology, Health and Wellness

Online, Polls and Surveys

Weekdays, Weeknights, Weekends, Overnight

15 minute(s) - 30 minute(s) per session

1 session(s)


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Study Address

This study doesn't require any in-person visits. Complete it in the comfort of your own home!

Posting date: Apr 8, 2020

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