fMRI memory experiment

University of Toronto, Department of Psychology

The experiment involves a series of tasks in an MRI, in which participants will be asked to study stimuli and make memory decisions.

Your Impact

Our study investigates the nature of memory, an important part of our experience, our lives, and our identity. By participating in this study, users would be contributing to the ongoing research which investigates what processes are involved in memory, and how they interact.

Eligibility Criteria

Male, Female

19 to 35 years old

Right handed

Fluent in English

No history of neuro/psychiatric disorders

No metal implants

Not pregnant

Not claustrophobic

Study Tasks

memory game


This study has been approved by the Research Ethics Board of the University of Toronto, Department of Psychology. (Protocol #: 16186)



Activity and Time


Clinical Trial


3 hour(s) - 3.5 hour(s) per session

1 session(s)


Up to $50 

Study Address

100 Saint George Street Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5S 2E5

Posting date: Feb 5, 2020

Earn $50