The Therapeutic Value of Art-Making During the COVID-19 Pandemic

University of Toronto Scarborough, Department of Psychology

The survey, in three parts, examine the art-making experiences of individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic: • The first part looks at how individuals have responded to the COVID-19 crisis in relation to their physical and mental health. • The second part compares the art-making experiences of individuals before versus during the COVID-19 crisis. • The third part analyzes the description of the chosen artworks that individuals created during the COVID-19 crisis such as its meaning and the ways in which doing art was therapeutic.

Eligibility Criteria

All genders

At least 17 years old

Study Tasks

Fill out an online survey
Upload a photo of an artwork completed during the COVID-19 pandemic


This study has been approved by University of Toronto's Research Ethics Board 2020-09


mental health

Activity and Time

Health and Wellness, Psychology

Polls and Surveys, Online

Weekdays, Weeknights, Weekends, Overnight

15 minutes total, 1 session


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Posting date: Nov 13, 2020

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