Do you care for someone with Alzheimer’s disease who is experiencing agitation?

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH),

This study is designed to examine the efficacy and safety of escitalopram as treatment for agitation in Alzheimer's dementia (AD) patients. Participants will receive one on one counseling with a clinician to help decrease agitation. If after three weeks there is no improvement they will be randomly assigned escitalopram or matching placebo. The study will last 24 weeks, and require individuals to come to CAMH with their caregivers for six visits. There will be telephone followup as needed.

More information may be found at: http://camhstudies.ca/cgi-bin/findCAMHstudy_study.php?d=226

Eligibility Criteria

All genders

18 to 100 years old

Experience feelings of irritability, restlessness, frustration, or anger

Have a study caregiver available to attend study visits

Study Tasks



REB# 019/2018


alzheimer's disease
Activity and Time

Health and Wellness

Intervention, Interview


2 hour(s) - 4 hour(s) per session

6 session(s)

follow-up phone calls as needed


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Study Address

This study doesn't require any in-person visits. Complete it in the comfort of your own home!

Posting date: Oct 31, 2019

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