Social Media and Well-Being Among US teens

University of British Columbia, Economics

Depression, anxiety, and even suicide rates, are increasing among teenage girls in Canada and the US and social media usage has been implicated as a potential cause. Among social media apps, a recent survey finds Instagram to be the worst for mental health, with its tendency to promote social comparison, unrealistic beauty standards, and the competition for “likes”. Despite the media attention, we lack causal evidence of the impact of Instagram usage on the mental health of teenage girls. Thus, the goal of this project is to serve as a pilot study that will help us shed light on the relationship between social media usage and well-being outcomes.

Eligibility Criteria

Male, Female

13 to 17 years old

Study Tasks

Answer questions on social media usage, mental health and body image outcomes.


Study has been approved by UBC's Research Ethics Board H20-01609


social media
mental health
body image

Activity and Time

Health and Wellness

Polls and Surveys

Weeknights, Weekdays, Weekends

20 minutes total, 1 session


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Posting date: Nov 2, 2020

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