Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (KITE) - University Health Network, Swallowing Rehabilitation Research Laboratory

Swallowing is an activity that we perform many times per day, without giving it a second thought. However, approximately 8% of the world’s population have difficulty swallowing due to medical conditions or injuries. At the Swallowing Rehabilitation Research Laboratory at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, we perform research to try to better understand the nature of swallowing difficulties and to determine effective treatments that will help people with swallowing difficulty to regain swallowing function. Professor Catriona Steele and her team are investigating how fluids of different consistencies move through the mouth and throat when we swallow.

Your Impact

This study will help us to understand how to use thicker consistencies to help people with swallowing impairment.

Eligibility Criteria


At least 60 years old

Healthy men over 60 years old

No prior prior history of swallowing difficulties

Study Tasks

Review the study with our research coordinator
Complete a video x-ray while swallowing different consistency liquids


This study has been approved by the University Health Network Research Ethics Board (REB#15-9431).



Activity and Time

Food and Drink, Health and Wellness

Observational Study


1 hour(s) per session

2 session(s)

Session 1: Study review; Session 2: Video x-ray of swallowing


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Study Address

550 University Avenue Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5G 2A2

Posting date: Jul 24, 2019

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