Sex and relationships in times of Corona

Maastricht University, Clinical Psychological Science, Experimental Health Psychology

KU Leuven, Institute for Family and Sexuality Studies

This study will examine (sexual) intimacy in relationships during the time of Coronavirus pandemic. The aim of this research is to increase our understanding of how pandemic-related stress and social isolation influence intimacy of couples. We will also investigate whether intimate behavior can buffer against the negative effects of social isolation and stress. This study is intended for couples, not individuals.

Your Impact

Extreme stress, such as the one experienced during a pandemic, can have deleterious consequences for individuals, relationships between partners, and society at large. The proposed study will consider the role of intimacy and sexual behavior within close adult relationship as ways to respond to and manage (pandemic-related) stress. In this way, the proposed study will increase our understanding of the reciprocal effects of intimate behaviors and stress, and can help elucidate ways in which adult attachment and sexual processes may facilitate or inhibit interpersonal stress buffering.

Eligibility Criteria

Male, Female

At least 18 years old

being in a sexual relationship

living together with a partner

Study Tasks

completing a baseline questionnaire (both partners/spouses)
providing 6 daily reports for 10 consecutive days (both partners/spouses)
completing an exit questionnaire (both partners/spouses)


This study has been approved by Maastricht University Research Ethics Committee (ERCPN_222_66_04_2020)



Activity and Time



Weekdays, Weekends

1 minute(s) - 5 minute(s) per session

60 session(s)

The study is intended for couples and is conducted via a smartphone application. The study involves 6 daily reports from both partners over the course of 10 consecutive days on stress, mood, sexual and non-sexual interactions.


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Study Address

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Posting date: Jun 16, 2020

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