Healthy Post-menopausal Female Study

Cliantha Research, Clinical Research Organization (CRO)

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the amount of active drug in your blood after a dose of the reference product (R).

Eligibility Criteria


40 to 65 years old

Healthy post-menopausal females

Body mass index (BMI) between 18.0 kg/m2 to 30.0 kg/m2 inclusive, and weigh at least 50 kg

Have not used tobacco or nicotine products (patches, gums, etc) in the past 1 year

No history of breast cancer or known or suspected carcinoma of the breast

Other inclusion/exclusion criteria will be assessed

Study Tasks

Medical history
Measurement of vital signs and ECG
Vein assessment
Urine and blood collection
Mammogram and pap test if required
Other procedures will be required and provided in the ICF


This study has been approved by Optimum Clinical Research Ethics Board


Clinical trial
Studies for females
Post-menopausal females

Activity and Time

Investigational Medicine

Clinical Trial

Weekdays, Weeknights, Weekends, Overnight

12 days total, 7 sessions

There are two (2) periods in this study, spaced at least 7 days apart. For each study period you will be required to stay at the Cliantha Research facility for approximately 50 hours. You will be required to return to the clinic for 2 visits after each period. A COVID-19 test will be administered prior to each period check-in.


Up to $1970 

Study Address

4520 Dixie Rd Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L4W 1N2

Posting date: Nov 17, 2020

Earn $1970