Physiological Changes and Motion Sickness

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (KITE) - University Health Network, Research, Psychology

Researchers at KITE-Toronto Rehab (University Centre site) are looking for volunteers to participate in a study investigating how automatic processes in the body (i.e., heart rate, breathing, sweating, body temperature) are associated with symptoms of motion sickness. Eligible participants will be asked to watch a short video and answer some questions about their emotional state, stress levels, and report on their level of motion sickness. While viewing the video, participants will be fitted with wireless monitors (non-invasive electrodes will be placed on the skin) for continuous measurement of automatic processes (i.e., heart rate, breathing, sweating, body temperature) during the testing session. Also during the viewing of the video, an infrared camera will be used to detect any changes in facial expression (i.e., yawning). Any recordings obtained will be de-identified and kept confidential. We are looking for volunteers between 18-39 years of age who are generally in good health. This study will be completed in one session (1.5 hours) at TRI, and eligible participants will be reimbursed. Potential participants will be asked some brief health-related questions over the phone prior to the session in order to determine eligibility.

Your Impact

By participating in this research, Honeybee users will help to support important research helping to identify symptoms of motion sickness through physiology. This in turn has the potential to provide knowledge that may help to mitigate unpleasant symptoms for the numerous individuals who suffer from motion sickness.

Eligibility Criteria

All genders

18 to 40 years old


18-40 years of age

Study Tasks

Paper and pencil questionnaires
Watch a 15 minute video of a bicycle ride
electrodes will be attached to monitor physiology


This study has been approved by the University Health Network (UHN) Research Ethics Board (REB; 20-5143)


virtual environments
motion sickness
physiological measurement
heart rate
eligible participants reimbursed

Activity and Time

Psychology, Health and Wellness

Observational Study

Weekdays, Weeknights, Weekends

1.5 hours total, 1 session

- A brief phone screening will need to be administered to determine eligibility - Participants will be asked to watch a video of a person riding a bicycle from a first-person perspective while physiological outcomes are being recorded (e.g., heart rate, breathing patterns, skin temperature, stomach activity) - Thermal and video cameras will be used to record any temperature changes in the face and other facial movements while watching the video (i.e., yawning) respectively.


$20 Amazon or Starbucks gift card

In order to participate in the study and be guaranteed reimbursement for their time, participants must answer some brief screening questions over the phone to determine eligibility.

Study Address

550 University Ave Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5G 2A2

Posting date: Oct 8, 2020

$20 Amazon or Starbucks gift card