How do fair people act? (Ages 4 to 7)

University of Toronto , Department of Psychology

We’re interested in how kids understand fair and unfair scenarios, helping and hindering situations, and how this influences their social behavior. We also look at moral intentions, and children's expectations of them. In our 20 to 30-minute study over zoom, your child will watch videos of an actor acting fairly, or unfairly. Next, they will observe that same actor either helping or hindering someone. What will their reaction be from watching these difference scenes?

Your Impact

By participating in our study, you will be contributing to the latest research in developmental psychology. As a community, we want to to better understand how children learn from the social world around them so we can ultimately build stronger relationships and resources for our kids!

Eligibility Criteria

Male, Female

4 to 7 years old

Exposure to English


Laptop or Tablet

Study Tasks

Zoom chat
Watch videos
Answer questions
Watch scenarios
Answer questions about scenarios


This study is part of a protocol approved by the University of Toronto IRB Committee on Mar. 24, 2020. Protocol number 38521


Fair and unfair scenarios
Social behaviour
Watch videos
moral behaviours and intentions

From the Researcher

Activity and Time



Weekdays, Weeknights, Weekends

30 minutes total, 1 session


$5 Amazon or Indigo gift card

In addition to the gift card, you and your child will receive a children's U of T e-Certificate

Study Address

This study doesn't require any in-person visits. Complete it in the comfort of your own home!

Posting date: May 20, 2020

$5 Amazon or Indigo gift card