Testing changes in craving and dopamine in abstinent smokers

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH),

The aim of this study is to understand the changes in a brain receptor during abstinence. To do this, participants will be asked to abstain from smoking for up to 5 weeks. During this time, participants will undergo a PET scan, which estimates the level of the brain receptor we are interested in. These PET scans will occur at 1 week and at 5 weeks of abstinence. We will also collect information on craving and withdrawal symptoms to explore how these change over time during abstinence.

More information may be found at: http://camhstudies.ca/cgi-bin/findCAMHstudy_study.php?d=243

Eligibility Criteria

All genders

19 to 100 years old

regular smoker

Study Tasks

smoking abstinance
brain imaging
PET Scan


REB# 050/2018


PET Scan
brain imaging
Activity and Time

Health and Wellness

Interview, Observational Study


2 hour(s) - 4 hour(s) per session

5 session(s)

Study details include: 1 phone pre-screen, 1 in-person eligibility screen, 3 PET scans, 1 MRI scan, and 20 abstinence checks


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Study Address

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Posting date: Oct 30, 2019

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