Business model innovation in startups

Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, Institute of Industrial Management, Economics and Trade

It is widely agreed that business model innovation has a potential to give entrepreneurs a competitive edge thereby enhancing their chance to succeed. However, research on this topic is strikingly divergent. In fact, there is not even an agreement on the definition of business model itself, let alone that of business model innovation. In partial fulfillment of the need to understand the phenomenon of business model innovation from the ground up, this study explores business model innovation in the context of startups. Startup founders are thus invited to participate in the semi-structured interviews that will take place in the region in and around U of T during the period between the 10th and 21st of February 2020.

Your Impact

Your participation in this study will bring to light valuable information for the purpose of the development of a unified business model innovation framework

Eligibility Criteria

All genders

16 to 70 years old

Study Tasks

Reply to the interview questions during the one-to-one interview in Toronto.


This study has been approved by the research ethical clearance committee of Peter the Great St Petersburg Polytechnic University (Protocol OK- 1869).


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Business Model Canva

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Weekdays, Weeknights, Weekends, Overnight

10 minute(s) - 45 minute(s) per session

1 session(s)


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Posting date: Nov 28, 2019

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