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GEMINI stands for Generational Differences in Environmental Exposures caused by Migration: Impact on Incidence of Inflammatory Disease. It describes a problem in the South Asian Canadian communities. These communities are experiencing a dramatic increase in chronic inflammatory disease incidence upon exposure to the North American environment. At the University of Toronto, a team of scientists, funded by the Connaught Global Challenge and CIHR, are investigating how the microbiome might change when people migrate from South Asia to Toronto. The team will look at how the microbiome is altered in response to global migration and how this could lead to chronic disease.

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Your Impact

Identification of environmental risk factors that are driving the increase in chronic inflammatory conditions observed in the South Asian communities of Ontario.

Eligibility Criteria

All genders

18 to 35 years old

South Asian descent who are either born in South Asia* or in Canada (*South Asian countries defined as the current territories of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka)

Between the ages of 18 and 35


Study Tasks

Fasting blood sample
Stool sample
Urine sample
Complete 2 take-home questionnaires


This study has been approved by the University of Toronto Research Ethics Board (protocol 31593)



Activity and Time

Health and Wellness

Observational Study


30 minute(s) - 1 hour(s) per session

2 session(s)

The study consists of two-visits to the study centre located in the downtown St. George campus of the University of Toronto. A fasting blood sample is collected on the first visit by a trained phlebotomist. This visit should take approximately 30-minute to complete. Participants are requested to drop off stool and urine samples, as well as completed questionnaires on the second visit.


Up to $70 

Study Address

1 King's College Circle Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5S1A8

Posting date: Aug 1, 2019

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