HEALTHY VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - How do Emotions Relate to Thinking and Functioning?

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH),

The purpose of this study is to examine how emotional information affects various areas of thinking and functioning. We are interested in how these effects may be similar and how they may differ among healthy participants and individuals with schizophrenia. Your participation would involve a telephone screening interview and, if eligible, an in person testing session. The testing session takes 2-3 hours and requires you to perform computerized cognitive tasks, answer questionnaires, and participate in an interview about your mental health. You would be compensated with money for your time.

Eligibility Criteria

All genders

18 to 55 years old

Be able to provide informed consent

Be fluent in English

Not have a major medical illness, mental disorder (including substance use disorder), or neurological condition

Have normal or corrected-to-normal vision and hearing

Not have a first-degree relative with a diagnosis of psychosis

Study Tasks

cognitive testing
computer tasks


REB# 033/2019


cognitive testing
computer tasks
Activity and Time

Health and Wellness



2 hour(s) - 3 hour(s) per session

1 session(s)

in addition to 1 recruitment telephone call


$ Cash compensation

Study Address

250 College Street Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5T 1R8

Posting date: Oct 29, 2019

Earn $