Understanding Gig Workers' Experiences During COVID-19

Michigan State University, Organizational Psychology

Hello! We are a group of researchers at Michigan State University looking to recruit participants to better understand the impact of COVID-19 on gig workers. Gig work refers to any work that uses online software platforms to connect workers to clients to complete temporary work on an on-demand basis. Examples include (but are not limited to): Uber, Lyft, Postmates, Doordash, Instacart, Taskrabbit, Care.com, Wage!, or Grubhub. We want to understand the unique experiences, stressors, and impact on well-being these workers face as they complete gig work during the pandemic. Please help us out by filling out this survey if you complete gig work yourself!

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Gig workers are an understudied population in our field. We think this is a shame because gig work is a unique type of work that unfortunately offers less benefits compared to other jobs. During the pandemic, gig workers have emerged as essential workers themselves by picking up and delivering food, completing groceries, or hailing rides for individuals. These task are underappreciated because they help reduce the risk of infection by reducing the need to go out in public, and even provide services to those especially vulnerable to COVID-19. Participating in this study will help you voice your unique experiences during these times. Also, we hope your participation helps foster greater trust in researchers in the future, ensuring that we can help you share what work is like for you. Your input helps us understand how we can make work best for you.

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Longitudinal survey
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This first survey is to find participants eligible for our study. If selected, you will be asked to complete a one-time survey, followed by two shorter surveys each week for four weeks. This study will compensate you based on the number of surveys completed, with a potential bonus if you complete every survey for the four weeks.


This study has been reviewed and approved by Michigan State University’s IRB [exempt under 45 CFR 46.104(d) 2(ii); MSU Study ID: STUDY00004698].


Gig work
Working during COVID-19

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The first screening survey is estimated to take a maximum of 5 minutes. If selected to participate in the full study, the one-time baseline survey will take approximately 30 minutes and the weekly surveys will take a maximum of 15 minutes.


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Posting date: Jul 9, 2020

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